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Our first post!

OK, we thought it might be nice to keep a record of what's happening at CSTDA!

So far we work mainly with indevidual programs and with schools/institutions. As for indevidual programs, we have clients with Autism, Altzheimer, epilepsy, Asberger, PTSD, intellectual disabilities, mental health & physical disability. Our clients and their families become part of us, and we try, if they want, to give them a role in our organization.

As schools goes, we work at Western Autistic, Auckwood, Frankston, Bialik College, Rainbow kinder, Chabad Bentleigh kinder, Caulfield Community School, Duch Care aged Care, Central Bayside Community Health Services.

Recently started working at Niddrie school (the young students of Western Autistic School) and we are starting a new school today, which we are LOOKING FORWARD! Berry Street School!! Good luck guys!! Wishing you GREAT SUCCESS!!

Also just had a great info night (general disabilities) last Wednesday, we used for the first time the hall of Caulfield Primary School. Great venue! wheels accessible everywhere! great heating! sorry for not explaining properly where is the entrance :(

Besides listening to Kevin and Yariv, we had few clients and their families telling their stories. AMAZING!!!

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