Become a foster family

We are looking for foster families

(for now only in Melbourne area)

What are the duties of a foster family?


  • Provide a warm loving and secure home for our puppy in their first year.

  • Follow our rules regarding the treatment and interactions with the puppy

  • Being with the puppy big part of the day

  • Saying good-bye to the puppy after about a year

What are the benefits of fostering a puppy?


  • Doing an AMAZING thing for someone in your community with a disability that will change his/her life

  • Having the most adorable funny creature in your home providing you and your family heaps of love and fun

  • No cost to you for all dog care including food, toys and health care.

  • Getting the puppy trained by us for around an hour a day so not only your adopted puppy will be superbly trained but you can also learn how to do it yourself!

so....if you are interested and happy with the left side of the page, give us a call!

1800 965 165